Total War: Rome II Coming 2013

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SEGA and The Creative Assembly have made an announcement for the next Total War game to be gracing the PC in 2013 and apparently it’s time to follow any road back to Rome.  Total War: Rome II is set to feature not only a huge turn-based campaign, but the biggest cinematic battles in video game history.

Rome II will pit players not only against armies, but in trying to find the loyal amongst the friends and allies in the Roman senate.  So, what will players choose to do in the best interest of Rome?  Be it repulic or empire, players will face challenges by those that oppose, to find what is best for the people, or themselves.

Along with the announcement came the live-action trailer that can be checked out below, as well as a gallery showing off both urban and naval combat.  We’ll see how the struggle turns out in 2013.

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