ToeJam & Earl Outed for the PS3

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Jammin! One of my favorite games of all time is none other than Toejam & Earl, which is one 90’s soaked co-op adventure/dungeon crawler that helped Sega in defining what the Genesis was all about. Since it’s release, we have seen two sequels, which were decent enough, but barely any true fan service has surfaced since…aside from a couple of Wii VC ports, that is.

Today is a new day however, and these aliens are set to make a comeback on the Playstation 3 according to a source close to Siliconera. Yes, both Toejam & Earl and it’s sequel, Toejam & Earl: Panic on Funkotron look to be heading to the Playstation Network later this year, as apart of the Sega Vintage Collection. Now, I am hoping that the XBLA also sees some love with these two classics, but just seeing a return on the horizon is exciting enough, and rest assured we will keep you updated as this story develops.

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