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Everybody loves the phrase ‘’Pay what you will’’. It means you as the buyer get to decide how much to pay for something. It’s consumer god-mode and can be hugely successful for the seller and very satisfying for the buyer as well, everybody ends up happy. This has been a popular trend lately on the internets what with Kickstarter and the Humble Indie Bundle. Humble Bundle V made 5.1 million dollars last month using a pay what you will system…just so you know.

Enough about the past though, let’s talk about the present, Humble Bundle is back.

The Humble Music Bundle launched today and offers a chance for cool folks like yourself to give a little money and get a lot of music. Six musical talents are participating; Christopher Tin, They Might Be Giants, Jonathan Coulton, MC Frontalot, Hitoshi Sakimoto and OK GO.

The albums will be DRM free and playable on any platform. If you’re not excited yet remember that you do get to choose how much to pay and will also be able to select how much of your money goes to the artists, charity and to the Humble Bundle website.

Pay what you want to who you want and do it for a good cause at

...Dark Souls.

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