Suit Story Hopefully Dressed for Success this Year

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Developer _Discovery (Underscore Discovery) is hoping to release their point and click exploration and management game Suit Story this year.  Sound like an interesting combination?  I thought so too.  The game features a grad student who has just finished school and has been offered the chance of a lifetime, a huge wad of cash and 10 years to gain his dream job as a Business Acquisition Work Specialist.

By combining the management of what to do with the money and point and click to head both narrative and exploration, Suit Story gives players challenges that shift based on the choices that they make through the game’s 10 years.  Challenges and choices can make a big difference throughout gameplay included the ultimate failure state of death, so it’s probably a good idea to be smart about what to do with the money.

Suit Story is being made for Mobile and Desktop platforms to release this year, but a few screenshots are available in the gallery below for players to check out.

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