SimCity Social Takes On The Olympic Games

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With the Olympic Games in London due to come out soon its no surprise that SimCity is getting in on the spirit, with the SimCity Championships. Before the official Summer Olympics begin SimCity Social will have you competing in games of your own, which means you’ll have to whip your citizens into shape.

You can train your Sims at any of your local venues like the basketball court or stadium, and if this isn’t enough sport for you then don’t worry you’ll also be able to build new sports venues. Go on missions to collect as many athletic collectibles as you can, including spirit, stamina, skill, speed, or strength. Each of these collectibles puts you one step closer to winning the gold!

Once you think you’re ready to take other people on then invite your friends to compete to see who the ultimate SimCity Championships winner is and receive XP and coins for taking home gold, silver or bronze medals.

So go get your Olympic spirit on now!

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BRB, playing games.

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