SimCity Social Open for Business on Facebook

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Looking to increase the amount of time you spend on the blue headed wonder world that is Facebook? Well Maxis and EA have come to the rescue with some help from developers Playfish. SimCity Social, the social media version of the classic city builder, is now live. Of course the emphasis is on playing the game with your friends, whether you do that in the guise of a friendly neighbour or a mischievous bystander is entirely up to you and your mood. Cities will have their own stories, with players actions affecting how the non linear tale progresses.

There are already 2.5 million monthly users on this thing, so SimCity Social is evidently on a roll. Chances are someone on your friends list is already in there, with notifications flagging up all over Facebook just tempting you to join in. The visuals look excellent for a Facebook game, and no doubt the core strengths from the SimCity franchise are all there.

You know where to find it, just get back on good old Facebook.

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