Resident Evil 6 demo available now for Dragon’s Dogma buyers

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Anyone who picked up Dragon’s Dogma over the past few months may have noticed that they also received a code to access the Resident Evil 6 demo. Well, at the time these gamers could do nothing but stare at the code due to the fact that it was un-redeemable until July 3rd. Well guess what today is?

When the player redeems the code you have to access the demo by playing it from the Dragon’s Dogma disc, so if you thought you could pull a fast one on Capcom then you are out of luck. The demo itself features three different missions, each one focusing on one of the three different storylines in the game, Leon and Helena, Chris and Piers and Jake and Sherry. It is worth noting that only 360 owners will be able to access the demo today, while Dogma players on the PlayStation 3 will have to wait a couple more months.

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