New Super Mario Bros. 2 Strategy Guide Details

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Want a step up on the competition? Want to know all the secrets to a game? Want to be able to 100% complete a game? Well Prima Games have you covered with their line of strategy guides, the latest of which happens to be for the hotly anticipated upcoming sequel to New Super Mario Bros. called simply New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Prima Games’ new strategy guide will help you along the way through New Super Mario Bros. 2 and includes the following awesome features:

• Detailed walkthrough guides you through every world and shows you every hidden path
• Every hidden item revealed
• Full details on the brand-new Coin Rush mode
• Maps show you step-by-step instructions for completing each course
• Bonus poster included

Does that whet your appetite for some strategy guide goodness? You can check out a picture of the New Super Mario Bros. 2 strategy guide to the right. The guide will be released on the 18th of August, 2012. Will you be picking up the game and strategy guide? Let us know in the comments section below.

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