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For anyone living in Beijing China, the very first Fate Only (FATE SERIES ) Anime / Comic book event to be held in Beijing was on today. So it was another perfect excuse for the Capsule Computers Crew to attend and cover the event and also for the first time also take part as a CosPlay participant.  Fate Only Event was open to the public with tickets being sold online and also at the door.  Due to the size of the venue only 300 tickets (200 online and 100 at the door were made available to the public) ticket prices were set at  35RMB (approx $5USD/AU) per person, so it certainly was a very affordable price if you’re a fan of Fate Series.  The event was held at Beijing Workers Indoor Arena, also known as the Beijing Worker’s Gymnasium which hosted the 2008 boxing events for the Summer Olympics. It was held in a special function  hall of the arena used for hosting events, the size of the hall was certainly one of the smallest I’ve seen for a comic/anime convention which brings me back to the reason why only 300 tickets were made available, a smart decision by the event organizers as it was the perfect size with the right amount of fans and not overly crowded.  As always with every major comic / anime convention in China, everything  went down without a hitch and once the clock struck 11am the fans and cos players were allowed in and the mad rush to buy your comic books and Fate Zero merchandise was on for young and old!

What the event organizers also did to entice the fans was offer everyone attending a chance to pick up and collect the Fate/Zero trading card game cards. (similar to other card games like Magic The Gathering) These cards were not for sale but were given away to the fans once they purchased a comic book or Fate/Zero merchandise from a particular booth.  Massive lines were quickly formed around specific booths which were giving away special cards (such as the Ryder card that everyone wanted) you had to be quick or risk walking away with nothing as these cards were very limited.  The set comprised of 21 cards, I personally ended up collecting 13 out of 21.  (see image below)  This was certainly a great little incentive cooked up by the organizers for the fans which everyone really loved.

Today’s event drew an impressive amount of Cos-Play characters from the Fate anime series.  Even yours truly dressed up as the legendary King of Conquerors Ryder (Alexander The Great) Check out the pictures below (we also have a link to our full gallery images hosted on Facebook) a lot of effort and time was certainly spent into some of these outfits which I must say were very interesting and amazingly well designed, special mentions to watch out for in the gallery go to Saber, Caster and also Lancer Cos players.  All in all it the Fate Only Event was a great day out and for the fans of the series. Click on the link below to be taken to our Facebook gallery page for Fate Only Event

Fate Only Event 2012 Gallery on Facebook

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