Dungeonbowl Touches Down onto Steam

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Dungeonbowl, an extension of Blood Bowl, from Cyanide Studio is finally making its way onto Steam today, so that more players can join in on the bloody sport based on the Warhammer universe.  Unlike Blood Bowl though, Dungeonbowl takes place in a dungeon as opposed to outside and each team is comprised of different races in the same school of magic.

Even more dangerous, the dungeons that are played in contain exploding chests, teleporters, and lava flows to complicate matches, as well as other types of traps to try and hinder both teams, but luckily games last only until the first touchdown.  The basic game package gives players the Bright, Light, and Rainbow wizard teams as well as a starting kit for making their own dungeons.  Players check out some of the newest screenshots from it in the gallery below and can download Dungeonbowl on sale for today’s release for $14.99 on Steam HERE.

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