Dark Scavenger Rummages its way onto Desura

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After being released back at the beginning of May, Dark Scavenger the mostly silly, sort of awesome hybrid between point and click adventure and RPG has been released today on Desura.  From developer Psydra Games, Dark Scavenger is the tale of a human lost in space who embarks on the less than noble quest of getting fuel for a space ship.

Featuring a plethora of items, the vast majority able to be turned into the players choice of one of three different usable items by the human’s shipmates.  Dark Scavenger had plenty to do and offers quite a bit in terms of replayability, especially with a new game plus mode, so players can get every single usable item possible.

Players can check out our own review of Dark Scavenger HERE and can download the game from Desura for $4.99 HERE, as well as lots of other direct to download sites.

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