Blazing Star Blasts From Neo Geo To iOS and Android

Arcade Videos Shooter

Released way back in 1998, Neo Geo classic, Blazing Star is making a come back. Thanks to SNK Playmore, the game has been released on both iPhone and Android. Blazing Star is more than just a port, it features not only classic arcade mode, but also mission mode, which allows players to select the stage they want to play in. This allows players to train themselves to beat those difficult stages, or just enjoy their favourites. Players can also choose from a total of six spaceships with various strengths.

Alongside main mission game mode, there is also a multiplayer function that can be utilised via Bluetooth. Network functions allow you to compete with the best scores all around the world. Blazing Star was released for both iPhone and Android on July 26, costing a mere $2.99 on both platforms. For more info check out the trailer below, or you can visit the SNK Playermore website, or Blazing Star website by following the links.

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