Battlefield 4 Beta included with Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition

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Everybody loves getting early access to stuff, either just for the feeling of privilege to get something they’re interested in early or having something other people don’t.  In either case, those interested in what EA has coming with Battlefield 4 will be pleased to hear that they have announced that there will be exclusive beta access for those pre-ordering their other FPS, Medal of Honor Warfighter‘s Limited Edition.  To qualify for beta access players will need to pre-order before the game’s Australian launch on October 25th.

Medal of Honor Warfighter is EA’s hand at making the “most authentic shooter this holiday” with players able to experience real world events.  The game will be releasing for Xbox 360, PS3, PC physical disc, and PC download through Origin, so be sure to pre-order it if interested in either it or the Battlefield 4 beta access.

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