AR.Rescue 2 Released for Parrot AR.Drone and iOS

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Need some inspiration on things to do with that fancy Parrot AR.Drone? Parrot has released their latest iOS app that works with their line of remote controlled aerial drones. AR. Rescue 2 takes the camera on the Parrot AR.Drone 1 and 2 and gives players a shooting/piloting game that will require players to pilot around their environment and collect pieces of the alien rockets scattered around the world using their iOS device in Augmented Reality. Players will need to lay an AR base down to help the aliens rebuild their rocket while protecting them from the crunchers, flying robots bent on destroying your drone. The AR.Rescue 2 app is available for free on the iTunes App Store here. An AR.Drone or AR.Drone 2.0 will be required to play this game.

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