A Tale of Castles and Kickstarters

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A lot can happen when you throw $80,000 at a few people working together on a great project. Thanks to Kickstarter, this is possible and in less than a day and it has happened for the folks at Sauropod Studio.

Castle Story is the name of the project and it’s a game about building, exploring and gathering to create fortifications and establish a defense against the bad things that come in the night. It is voxel-based and looks a bit like Minecraft but do not make the mistake of calling it a Minecraft clone.

Castle Story will be an RTS in a sense that you will be able to control a civilization made up of little yellow guys called Bricktrons. The Bricktrons will be the ones doing all the footwork; chopping trees, mining stone and defending while you give commands and decide exactly what you want them to do next. The world they occupy is made of floating islands rich with resources.

The Castle Story Kickstarter was set up today and has already exceeded the goal of $80,000, currently it has accrued over $100,000. The pledging options start at $15 which guarantees you a beta copy of the game (that will become the final version at no extra charge) and your name in the game. For $25 you get that plus a prototype that will be released soon after the Kickstarter is finished. Pledge more and get signed posters, t-shirts and handmade plushies.

If you like commanding units in RTS games and surviving nights in structures that you built in games like Minecraft and Terraria then Castle Story will be a must-have. Check out the Kickstarter page here and get ready to be impressed.

...Dark Souls.

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