Video Explains New Super Mario Bros 2 Features

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Do you hate reading? Still trying to wrap your head around the super-complicated concepts of New Super Mario Bros 2? Well, Nintendo have you covered! They’ve released a video that explains the features that put the “new” in New Super Mario Bros 2, and it looks like the same sorta stuff you’d expect, with a few added twists.

With so little time for plumbing these days, Mario’s income seems to be largely dependent on whatever he can find during his perpetual quest to save the princess. This time the bling is an even bigger focus, and from the looks of it, by the end of New SMB2 he should finally be able to afford a locking door, to keep Bowser out.

Most of the new features revolve around new ways to collect coins, like Gold Rings, Gold Blocks and the much-hyped Coin Rush mode.

This info video is a little unneccesary, but it still provides a bit more detail on the game. Especially if you hate reading, and have missed all the info released via the medium of text so far.


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