Spec Ops: The Line DLC Announced… Already

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Spec Ops: The Line is still three weeks away, and 2K have already announced the first bit of DLC: a co-operative multiplayer campaign.

Set in a Dubai besieged with sandstorms, the game comes packaged with an online competitive multiplayer component, and a single-player campaign that follows the tried-and-true Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now storyline. Playing as “Generic military man voiced by Nolan North” (which describes half of the industry’s characters), you travel into the sandy wilds to search for a missing Colonel, John Konrad, who’s become corrupted by the power he finds himself with. John Konrad is an obvious nod to Joseph Conrad, the author who first gave the world this storyline in Heart of Darkness.

Anyway, the co-op pack will be available as free DLC shortly after the game’s release, and will include four objective-based multiplayer scenarios, facing waves of enemies in a horde mode kind of deal.

The fact that the DLC is free, and out so soon after the game’s release, make it a fairly obvious attempt to combat piracy. The “bonus content is free of charge to everyone who purchases Spec Ops: The Line”, so those who don’t pay up, miss out.

This kind of ploy may be divisive for gamers, but at least it’s rewarding honest customers, instead of trying to impose DRM or something.

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