Need a break from the E3 noise? check out Kasumi from Dead or Alive 5

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Are you dead tired after streaming all those E3 2012 conferences? I’m sure you are. We all need a break, and while some of the trailers shown this year have been very eye candy, it’s still a fair bit of work to take it all in and keep up with all the gaming news and trailers. So take a step back and enjoy some Dead or Alive 5 goodness.

I just reported a gameplay trailer for Dead or Alive 5 that was revealed at E3 2012, but following this announcement is a lovely rendered image of the iconic ninja goddess from the Dead or Alive series, Kasumi, sporting her refined Dead or Alive 5 design.

Here we see her wearing a lovely pink bikini with little white polka dots, Kasumi seems to be enjoying herself on the beach as she is all wet and I’m sure, very wild. So sit back, and enjoy this lovely ray of sunshine before you get caught up in all the hectic and fast paced E3 gaming coverage again. Enjoy!


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