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E3 2012: ZombiU Gameplay Trailer

ZombiU’s appearance at Nintendo’s conference may not have had the impact it did when revealed at Ubisoft’s, but thankfully, they saved some of the details for Nintendo to present.

We’ve already had the mechanics explained, including how the Wii U GamePad was to be utilized in-game, but with a gameplay trailer, we finally saw how it worked.

The GamePad plays the role of your zombie apocalypse Survival Kit, and from the trailer, we can see how versatile that makes it.

Its your Inventory. It’s a Scanner. It’s a Sonar emitter. It’s a sniper rifle scope. It’s a hacking device. It’s everything you need to survive, and it performs different tasks each time.

As a launch title, ZombiU looks set to fill the role of new, hardcore IP, intended to bring in the new fans looking for a unique hardcore experience, as well as entice the old scorned fans to come back.

Anyway, you need to see it for yourself to appreciate it. Check out the trailer below.


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