Beyond looks like it’s Made for One, Rather than for All

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Beyond was revealed at E3, and I don’t really know how I feel about it after it’s own creator yet again used the “M” word during it’s showing. That word of course is “Mature”. We’ll get to that in a minute, but let’s talk about the game. Ellen Page is set to play the title character, and she does a damn fine job of bringing her character to life. We also seen some explosions and a somewhat mysterious plot featuring a special ability this main protagonist has, but other than that, I still don’t feel I have a reason to call Beyond anything other than an interactive movie. Why is this? Because it’s own creator is too fond of his own toys to let us join in with the fun.

David Cage knows how to create, but it seems he still hasn’t learned how to blend his “art” into the video game world. Now, now. Heavy Rain was decent for what it was, but it takes a lot more than interactive cutscenes to wow a good number of gamers, and calling all who follow you’re own titles “mature” is a bit of a slap in the face to those who disagree with your own direction, as you then are labeling them as the opposite. When you create something special, be proud of what you make and let gamers find it, and never try to place your own fan base above others.

With that rant out of the way, Beyond: Two Souls got many talking at E3, and yes, it’s an interesting clip, but it looks to be the same kind of gameplay that Heavy Rain featured, which is it’s biggest flaw. Cage really needs to invite us into his world, rather than just have us spectate and occasionally poke at the characters. More than any other title this year, I want to see what Beyond truly can bring to the table besides cutscenes and “emotion”. I don’t want to feel for a character in a video game. I want to feel as that character, and Beyond’s experience seems like it will only serve as a front row seat for those who pick it up, rather than placing gamers into the starring roles they deserve to be in. Why save a world or a character when it’s not your own world to save?

I know, this is one man’s vision and not my own, but David Cage’s own ego seems to be standing in the way of making something truly special, and if he is able to get over that hurdle, he could craft brilliance. My main point through all of this is that if you are going to make a movie, make a movie. A game involves that invitation though, and it seems our pass is still unable to be found with Beyond at this point as it’s hard to say the whole game is anything other than a cinematic experience..

Mario is just as mature as Journey, Zelda is just as relevant as Call of Duty, and Kirby is just as hardcore as Mass Effect. Remember that time that YOU saved the princess? Remember that time that YOU took on a ton of terrorists and barely lived?  How about that time we took Earth back? You see, video games are about bringing one person, no matter what age into a world that they can escape to, and all of the above do exactly that. If Beyond wants to do the same, it will keep it’s riveting plot, stop trying to be a flick, and throw out a welcome rug for us all to be a part of it.  Beyond wasn’t made for you, it was made for David Cage. Yes, you may like what you see, but are you really going to play it, or just be a guest passing through? That is the question I would like to see answered.

Watch the clip down below and tell us what you think. Is this a video game? Do you feel as if Beyond needs to shatter it’s viewing glass?

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