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Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown hits PSN June 5th and June 6th on XBLA

If you didn’t pick up Sega’s Virtua Fighter 5 when it was released many moons ago then perhaps you may be eager to pick up Virtual Fighter 5 Final Showdown when it is released digitally early in June. To be a tad more specific, Sega revealed today that the game will be available on June 5th on the PSN and June 6th on the XBLA.

There are a few new things included in Final Showdown such as two characters, the fan favorite Taka-Arashi and a new fighter named Jean Kujo. Besides containing plenty of already unlocked customizable items, gamers can buy extra DLC packs which will contain more customization items for 400 MSP/$5. While launch day DLC never makes anyone happy, the fact that the full Virtua Fighter 5 experience will be available for only $15 now, some extra costume DLC shouldn’t be too offensive to anyone.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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