Ravens Cry Has An ANZ Region Distributor

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All Interactive Entertainment have recently announced that they are the company in-charge of the distribution of the upcoming game from Topware Interactive: Ravens Cry. The game is a pirates story in the action-adventure genre that promises an amazing narrative.

Raven’s Cry thoroughly immerses players in a lavishly detailed world rich with treachery and adventure. The sinister beauty of the 17th Century Caribbean is revealed in the rolling emerald waves and their secrets, kept far beneath; in the dark alleys and curved, cobbled roads, all teeming with murderous miscreants and loudly drunken braves, the prophets of the bottle, the blade, and the flintlock gun. The historically accurate architecture and in-game events will flavor the three major cities found in Raven’s Cry with the atmosphere players crave, as they traverse from the unsavory pirate holdfast of Port Royal to the elegant avenues of luscious Havana, to a lost Aztec City deep in the jungles of the Spanish Main.

The game is set to be released in Australia and New Zealand in Quarter Four of this year (2012) for the PC, X360 and Playstation 3. It will also feature many things, such as a memorable cast, special abilities, player choice, alternative endings, authentic combat and an action adventure set in the Caribbean.

Be sure to check out the trailer, embedded below for more info.


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