Only PS3 Gamers Appreciate Art According to ‘Journey’ Developer

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Sorry to break it to you Xbox 360 and Wii Gamers out there, but you just don’t know what true art is or even have the ability to appreciate such a thing. This surely factual declaration that is in no way bias was made by one the developers of Journey, Jenova Chen.

Chen recently when interviewed by Venture Beat, made the obviously 100% truthful claim that PS3 gamers simply appreciate and understand art better than any other, “Sony has a more artistic and adult-focused taste. They care about how grown-ups feel toward their games. The player who owns a PlayStation 3 is more likely to be interested in artistic games compared to Wii and Xbox 360.”

This statement definitely has nothing to do with his game Journey being exclusive to the Playstation 3, definitely nothing to do with it at all. It is of course based on hard fact that Chen spent tireless hours researching all in the hopes of proving to everyone that his game Journey is a work of art and that if you don’t appreciate it or buy it, you are nothing but a mere Neanderthal beating your fists on a Xbox controller.

Sony themselves even jumped in to echo Chen’s sentiments when Jack Buser, Senior Director of Playstation Digital Platforms added his two cents, “Our primary PSN audience is indeed more adult, and many of our best-selling titles appeal to this demographic. Many PlayStation and PSN games have themes that require a user to think and feel about a deep, immersive gameplay experience, and we see that exemplified in the success of titles like Flower, Journey, and Heavy Rain. Titles like these can only be found on PlayStation, and our users enjoy the emotional and thematic sophistication of their games, especially with our digital offerings.”

So if you are an Xbox or Wii gamer, you best return to your simple minded lives because you are forever doomed to not appreciate true art such as Journey because the fact that you aren’t a Playstation gamer means you’re incapable of thinking and feeling about deep and immersive gameplay experiences, because you’re a dumbass.

Thank you Jenova Chen and Jack Buser, you have truly opened our eyes to our innate lack of intellect. Myself and millions of other buffoons shall never understand or appreciate the true intricacy and beauty of art such as Journey. Now please excuse me while I bludgeon myself with a Kinect.

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