“Offspring Fling” Lands on Steam

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Nothing says Mother’s Day like throwing children around a forest, so in honor of the holiday developer Kyle Pulver released his game, Offspring Fling, onto Steam this weekend.  Not only that, but it also includes a level editor and is discounted at 20% for both PC and Mac for its Steam release.

Offspring Fling is a retro 16-bit style game that features more than 100 levels of play, where a mother forest creature goes in search of her lost kids, then throws them around to solve puzzles and save even more.  Players can even try and improve their level playing through ghost replays, that show the best path so far, to which players can try and do even better.  Secrets and unlockables abound too, so there’s plenty of bang for the bucks.  Players can check it out the video for its release below and the game on Steam HERE.

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