LUXA2 P1 External Battery Launched

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Not everyone wants their beautiful iPhone encased in a thick bulky battery case or maybe you tote around an iPhone and an iPad but don’t want to use two separate external battery cases for both device. LUXA2 has solved your problem with their new P1 external battery. The P1 sports a 7000 mAh battery with two USB ports meaning you can charge two separate devices at the same time. Compare that to the 1500 to 1700 mAh most external battery cases sport these days! 7000 mAh is enough to fully recharge the iPhone battery three and a half times. The P1 is just a little bigger than an iPhone 4/4s and extremely light weight. It takes eight hours to fully charge the battery and has four LED lights so you always know how much juice is left. The battery pack also comes with an Apple authorized 30 pin dock connector so you can leave one cable at home attached to your computer and still have one to travel with. No word on pricing, but the P1 will soon be available at a store near you.

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