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Fast paced, flashing lights, guns blazing or NPC’s chasing you down. Gaming is about action, stimulation and excitement. Imagine then being transfixed by a still image that conveys all of that without moving or flashing. It speaks to you as a gamer because it touches on those iconic figures from your other life behind the keyboard or console. You may have seen art like this on: ABC’s Good Game, the EB Games Expo or Jumpbutton magazine and if you haven’t. Allow me to introduce Rebecca Murphy an upcoming Australian artist who’s love of gaming is only rivaled by her love of art.

Seen above, Fruit Ninja versus Angry Birds is just one such artwork which presents just enough of each game for the familiar to draw you in to the world that Rebecca has created, a world that spans popular culture like; Carebears, Voltron and my little Pony and the gaming we know and love in Super Mario, Tetris, Portal and Frogger.  This world and website draws you in with familiar faces and for the men (and some women. lets not be sexist!) voluptuous ladies guide us through political stances, causes, the macabre and the monstrous. If you aren’t careful you can get lost and if you’re even less careful. You might not mind…



David Christison
David Christison
What ho Cyberspace traveler! I hail from Cronulla a beach town on the coast of Australia and part of the great City of Sydney (we're da winners remember, the olympic guy said so!) Generally you'll find me at my home away from home on the fields of justice as part of the League of Legends but there's the off occasion I battle for skulls in Skullgirls, mine deep into the bowels of the earth in Minecraft (no lava whammies no lava whammies) and layeth the smacketh down in WWE12. Outside of gaming in real life (It actually exists! mind BLOWN) I'm 29 and hunting out jobs wherever they may lurk, its not easy but the gamer mantra is work, get payed, game and now that I've joined up with Capsule Computers I get to work, write about industries I love and game (points if you C whut I did thar.) Not that I'm bitter, Capsule is going places and to be a part of something like that and to contribute as an actual member of the team is not something money can buy, its a priceless part of my existence as a gamer, moviegoer and gadget nut and a way to express my love and slaver. Servit. Addict. I mean devotion to everything gaming, movie and gadget alike. So follow Capsules lead, stay clear of the walls and remember. If it gets dark, you won't be eaten by a grue. It's a blackout you fool :P