Free Vibrators offered to Diablo III Player’s Partners

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Has Diablo III stolen your partner away from you, leaving you with only your hand to pleasure yourself? Has it left you in a state of despair after all attempts to sexually engage your partner fall to the wayside as they fight the forces of evil? Well fear not, as one honourable sex toy manufacturer has you covered, they are offering free small vibrators to anyone claiming to have been left dry humping a pillow (or something of that nature) due to the release of Diablo III.

That honourable company is Absoloo, who is offering the free sex devices to anyone who posts an image on the Absoloo Facebook page showing that they have a copy of Diablo III in their household that has held their partners genitalia hostage. So if you want a free vibrator to pleasure yourself as your partner plays Diablo III then visit Absoloo’s facebook page here.

The free vibrator is available to all, regardless of gender. So yes men, your arsehole was taken into consideration just as much as the women’s vaginas were. What do you think of Absoloo’s strange Diablo III campaign? Was this as uncomfortable for you to read as it was for me to write? Let me know in the comments section below.

Source: Absoloo 

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