DiRT Showdown’s destructive tendencies shown in launch trailer

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DiRT Showdown boosted into stores across the UK today, alongside a hard-hitting launch trailer. The launch video showcases the maximum-impact racing, bone-rattling destruction game modes, freestyle Hoonigan events and multiplayer party games set to take centre stage on DiRT Showdown’s World tour of motorised mayhem. From Miami to LA and San Francisco to Yokohama, the trailer features drivers taking down their rivals, boosting to overtake, hitting jumps and performing stunts as they go for the win across DiRT Showdown’s range of game modes.

Despite hitting mainland Europe on 24th May, a day earlier than in the UK, the game has yet to collide with the rest of the world. Expect a release everywhere else on 12th June, after a rescheduling due to a busy release window towards the end of May.

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