Cloudberry Kingdom Kickstarter

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Cloudberry Kingdom is working towards its September release for Steam and its December release for Wii U, though still working on possible Xbox LIVE Arcade and PSN releases.  Featuring a wide variety of difficulties, don’t worry easy is included, that adapt to skill level via AI programming to actually build the levels for the players.  Don’t fret about accidental impossible ones though as it is specifically programmed to have every level be possible to beat, no matter how hard.

Players that are interested however in helping out Pwnee Studios or simply reserving a copy of the game will be interested to hear about the Kickstarter they have going on currently.  With backing tiers that range from just getting the game for either Steam or Wii U, to a Special Coder’s Edition of the game, to every game Pwnee Studios will make for life, to designing a hero and prince/princess to save in a mini-game for the game.  Players can check out the Kickstarter page HERE.

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