Carmageddon Reboot in the works

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After 15 years Stainless Steel Games has regained the Carmageddon IP and unveiled Carmageddon: Reincarnation, a modern take on the brutal racer come pedestrian pancaker of yesteryear.  Not a great deal has been revealed about the game as yet but we do know that the hallmarks of old: action replay and multiplayer are returning with new features for the social media age, for example;  you’ll be able to upload your replays to Youtube, Facebook or Twitter through in-game integration and play with friends online without the old frustrations of LAN cables and hours of  “but it should be working?”

While we wait with baited breath, the games website provides us with a few tasty tidbits of whats to come. There are: developer blogs, news updates and in a move I can only term as amazeballz,  Stainless Steel Games are accepting input from fans on what to put into the game via the websites forum but the fan involvement doesn’t stop there. Stainless Steel Games have opted to open the game up to pledges on Kickstarter to raise money towards giving the title the rebirth they feel it so rightly deserves. Their are tiered rewards based on how much of a kick you want to give the game and with the success through Kickstarter of Double Fine Adventure, Wasteland 2 it only makes sense that the Stainless Steel Games as an independent studio tap Carmageddon’s cult following to allow them full creative control of the game as an in-house project.

With Kickstarter behind them and a cult classic formula to build on it should only be a matter of time before we’re back behind the wheel in our sandbox of mayhem racking up points by creatively dispatching pedestrians (now with rag doll physics!) and releasing our rage whether it be from: being trolled, a frustrating drive home Carmageddon is making its return and will be released for digital download across various platforms.

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