Capcom thinks you will give them 10 Million Dollars this year

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Capcom have just released their sales expectations for several of their big releases this year and it appears that they believe they will make a lot of money off of them. Turns out Capcom have high expectations, 10 million dollars high in fact.

In their list of expected returns, Capcom announced that they expect Resident Evil 6 to make a whopping 7 mil, DmC Devil May Cry to make a smooth 2 mil, Dragon’s Dogma to make 1.7 mil and Lost Planet 3 to make 1.4 mil. The total summation of the expected return for these games sits pretty at just over 10 mil in revenue.

It is interesting that Capcom chooses to release these expected return numbers so soon after we found out that Street Fighter x Tekken took a hadoken to the crotch from consumers world wide. Whether or not they can recover with these upcoming titles and make their expected 10 mil is entirely up to you. Do you want to give Capcom your money? Let us know in the comments section below.

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