$99 subsidized Xbox 360 coming to a Microsoft Store near you

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Today, Microsoft announced that they would be launching a subsidized Xbox 360.  For $99, and a 2 year contract, you’ll be able to pick up a 4GB console with a Gold Subscription for 2 years.  In addition to the initial cost of $99, a $15 monthly charge will be charged to you.  If you break your contract, you’ll have to pay a fee of up to $250, similar to a cell phone contract.  This fee can be charged to you if you violate the following:

  • If you do not return your Console Bundle during the 30 day Return Period, and you cancel your Subscription before the two year term ends;
  • If you fail to provide an on time, full Subscription payment and we are required to cancel your Subscription; or
  • If you violate the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use, resulting in termination of your Xbox LIVE membership.
 In addition to the console, a Kinect and a two year warranty is included in the total price.
Check out the $99 Xbox 360 here, or view the TOS for the contract here.

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