TeamLiquid and Razer team up again for the fourth season of TeamLiquid Starleague

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Its TeamLiquid StarLeague time again, and Razer, who are huge fans of e-sports and their establlished communities have teamed up with TeamLiquid, Starcraft II elite pro gaming team in support of the fourth instalment of the event. Razer are huge supporters of the Starcraft frachhise and while also being involved in the major e-sports tournaments such as World Cyber Games, Intel Extreme Masters and IGN Pro League see much value and importance in promoting smaller community driven events. Razer organise their own events, such as the FXOpen’s Invitational Series.

“Four years ago, Razer believed in us to run our first TSL tournament.” Says Ken Chen, Chief Operations Officer, TeamLiquid. “Without them, the TeamLiquid StarLeague would not be where it is today. We’re very excited and thankful to work with them again, and we appreciate their consistent support of the TeamLiquid community and the Liquid team throughout the years.”

The TeamLiquid Starleague is a happy medium in between massive grand scale events and small independent gatherings, offering a large emphasis on players and the community fanbase as well as having substantial prize pools on offer to the talented players competing. “At Razer, we understand the importance of supporting not just the teams, but also the event organisers, who provide players the opportunity to compete in front of a global audience,” said Robert “RazerGuy” Krakoff, President, Razer USA. “The TeamLiquid Star League offers Razer the opportunity to support the players, teams, fans and event organisers with one agreement. It’s utterly unique.”

For those who think they have what it takes to go up against the games elite, TeamLiquid Starleague offers an Open online qualifier to show what you have

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