Star Wars The Old Republic Novare Coast Warzone Trailer

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Coming in with the new 1.2 “Legacy” major content update for Star Wars The Old Republic is the latest Warzone, Novare Coast. This warzone is set on the war-torn planet of Denova and players will have to work together to control the beach-head, which is a major strategic point and pivotal for both sides to gain ownership of.

Players will be battling the opposing faction for control over three mortar cannons placed on the arena to help control the enemies numbers by pounding them with artillery fire. The warzone is going to be inserted into the game on the 12th of April with the coinciding server downtime for Patch 1.2’s insertion into the game. Yes this means that Patch 1.2 “Legacy” will be going up in a couple of days.

Be sure to check out the trailer embedded below.

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