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Pre-Purchase Now! – Guild Wars 2

The wait is finally over as ArenaNet and NCsoft open the floodgates for gamers to pre-purchase Guild Wars 2. With three potential products to purchase, players will decide what copy best suit their needs as the launch day approaches. Here are the following prices: Digital Edition ($59.99 US / $69.99 AU), Digital Deluxe ($79.99 US / $89.99 AU), and Collector’s Edition ($149.99 US / $199.95 AU).

For additional information about each edition, please check out our (Pre-Purchase for Guild Wars 2 Announced) page. Additionally, pre-purchasing the game today will provide gamers with exclusive bonuses no matter what edition is bought. Each edition will contain access to all Guild Wars 2 beta events, three day head start, and an in-game item called Hero’s Band. Save your copy now by buying one of the three products at the (US) or (AU) site.

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