New Transformers: Fall of Cybertron trailer shows Grimlock in Action

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With the huge success that was War for Cybertron, it’s no wonder High Moon Studios have already started heavily promoting the follow-up, Fall of Cybertron. This time, we have been treated to a new trailer, showing off Grimlock in action. As the clip states, Grimlock will focus on melee attacks with his sword and shield, and honestly looks fantastic as this character seems to be one of the more unique within the game.

Although it’s a bit lesser of note, I also thought it was nice to have a developer so passionate about this project explaining how much went into creating the Dinobot, as all that passion has surely went in to making this title into yet another blockbuster for the team, jam packed full of fan service. You can check out the trailer below, and stay tuned as there is sure to be even more footage release as the August 28th release date for Fall of Cybertron nears.

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