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New listing for “Midnight Purple” 3DS Emerges

Nintendo have always been known to tweak the colors of their handhelds, and it looks like purple is finally making a comeback as a Joystiq reader recently caught a glance of a new listing online for a “Midnight Purple” 3DS at Sam’s Club , and you can check out the still live page for the product here.

Nintendo have already released a Flame Red, Aqua Blue, Pink, and Black 3DS thus far in the U.S., so I would say there is a good chance of seeing more from Nintendo on the subject in the coming months. I, personally, would like to see a nice platinum or gold unit released, but purple (or indigo) is classic Nintendo and it will be interesting to see if or when an announcement is made.


Nintendo have now announced the Midnight Purple as of April 30th, and it will be hitting shelves as soon as May 20th. Click HERE for more information.