LUXA2 Announces Tough+ Case and Tough+ Case Battle Dragon Series

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LUXA2, a division of Thermaltake, announced the release of the Tough+ Case and the Tough+ Case Battle Dragon Series for the new iPad. These cases are 1mm thin light weight polycarbonate cases that are compatible with the Apple Smart Covers. The Tough+ Case is available in five colours, black, white, pink, gray, and blue. The Battle Dragon series sports Thermaltake’s eSPORTS signature dragon logo and is available in yellow, black, and woodland camouflage. Also, LUXA2 is proud to say that their Tough+ Cases are environmentally friendly. They are minimally packaged to reduce waste and hazardous materials are avoided during the manufacturing process. This is a case you can buy guilt free over the impact on the environment. No word on exact pricing, but these cases will hit retailers soon.

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