Guild Wars 2 Beta Opens to Public


For all of those that pre-purchased Guild Wars 2, NCsoft and ArenaNet are happy to provide the first public beta weekend on April 27 – 29.  Hundreds of thousands of players will finally be able to play a massive multiplayer online game that does not follow the same old conventions but innovates dynamic events as well as worldly battles.

Let it be known that the only way players can guarantee a spot on the beta playing list is to pre-purchase one of the Guild Wars 2 sets. It does not matter whether a player purchases the digital copy nor collector’s edition; he/she will be reserved a place for the beta testing. Awaiting beta testers should keep a close eye on their registered emails as instructions will come to download the game client prior to the beginning of the beta.

If you have not done so already, pre-purchase one of the Guild Wars 2 sets now to join the beta.

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