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Escape from Age of Monsters Launchs on iOS April 26

The long wait is over. The next title in the Age of Monsters series, Escape from Age of Monsters, will be released by Ayopa games on April 26 for all iOS devices. The official trailer can be seen below, but before you check that out, here is some information about the upcoming title.

The game will be the first collaboration between Massive Joe Studios and Ayopa games. The game will be released in both a standard version for iPhone and an HD version for iPad that takes full advantage of the new iPad’s retina display. The game boasts some amazing hand drawn graphics, with unique animated visual created by Emmy award-winning comic book artist and animator Jeff Matsuda (of the animated Batman series). The title will also bring innovations to the genre of running games, featuring slug monster boss levels, over 60 objectives, a trophy room and a turbo mode mini-game. Both versions will be available for only $0.99 after launch, but only for a limited time. Soon after Escape HD will be raised to $1.99 so get in quick.

Kyle Moore
Kyle Moore
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