Crazy Kangaroo Hopping on iOS

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Gamelion Studios, the developers of Monster Shooter and Doodle Fit, has announced their newest game releasing for iOS will be coming out May 1st.  What’s the game?  A z-scrolling platformer called Crazy Kangaroo, featuring a kangaroo named Barney who’s out to make his way home after escaping some poachers.  But, it’s not a merry journey back as Barney needs to avoid the dangers of the wild, including hunters and drowning.

Crazy Kangaroo covers three different worlds, power-ups like Sugar Rush and Multi-Score, more than 50 levels, and leaderboards so players can see how they stack up.  The game controls entirely by tilting, both forward-and-back and left-to-right, to guide Barney’s hops from object to object.  If you like unique platformers with fun graphics, check out Crazy Kangaroo for the iPad, iPod, and iPod Touch when it releases HERE.

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