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ZeniMax and Mojang settle trademark dispute, Scrolls to retain name

Over the past few months there has been a little legal dispute going on between Bethesda’s parent company, Zenimax, and Notch’s development company, Mojang. This dispute was for the ownership of the ‘Scrolls’ Trademark, as Mojang was developing a game literally called Scrolls. ZeniMax then filed the lawsuit as the game had conflicted with their longstanding trademark for ‘The Elder Scrolls’.

However after months of non-revealed deliberation, it both companies have chosen to settle. Under the settlement, the Scrolls trademark will transfer to ZeniMax and Mojang will also let go of any trademark to the Scrolls name. However ZeniMax has licensed ‘Scrolls’ to Mojang for use in their game currently in development. They are also banned from using the Scrolls name for any sequel to Scrolls or any video game whatsoever. Bit confusing huh?

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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