Toshihiro Nagoshi Promoted to Chief Creative Officer within Sega

News Sega

Sega have a new Chief Creative Officer, as Toshihiro Nagoshi, the mastermind behind Super Monkey Ball, Yakuza, and Binary Domain recently got promoted to the position. After forming a studio for Yakuza last year, this is great news for fans for Nagoshi’s work as we are sure to see more sequels and love given to AiAi and Kazuma.

This corporate ladder change-up has also effected quite a few others as well, with Naoya Tsurumi set to serve as COO, and Shigeru Yamashita and Yuki Sugino will move up to managing directors. Hopefully, Nagoshi’s insight will go in to the big mystery collaboration that Sega has planned with Capcom and Namco, but as of now a change in pay and power is all that should be effected for the time being.

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