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I enjoy writing articles like this as it reminds me that within this cesspit of a world we inhabit that some people are capable of thinking of someone other than themselves and willing to donate their time and money to prove it. So, it is with great pleasure that Toon Ups, cause gaming pioneer and creator of the fabulous “A Better World” Facebook game have announced a partnership with Wish Upon a Hero to grant a wish for Gracies Place, a special needs school in Sacramento. Gracies place urgently needs a new van so they can expand the invaluable help they give to children and families in need. The best thing is that anyone with a Facebook account can help out by simply signing into the FREE “A Better World” and visiting the Sanctuary of Hope. If 100000 hopes are posted OR supported, Toonups will aid Gracies with their new van.

A Better World is an awesome concept that seems to be heavily driven by its faithful users, and their March “Reach for the Stars” campaign is part of a monthy program that encourages users to to good within the game to affect real world issues. The March campaign is in conjucntion with Wish Upon a Hero, which is endorsed by Hall of Fame Quarterback Dan Merino (who even as an Australian I know), and has granted almost 90000 wishes so far. Toonups wish of choice is Gracies, a progressive child care home that teaches life values and skills to kids with a variety of learning disablities and from all backgrounds. “Like A Better World, we are providing a conduit for people to help others,” said David Girgenti, founder of Wish Upon a Hero. “It’s incredibly encouraging to find companies that are succeeding in collecting and expanding the numbers of people that want to make the world a better place.”

The game is free for use on Facebook and is an upliftining experience that encourages and rewards players for doing good deeds and acts of kindness. Players can create their own character, look after a virtual pet and post all their good deeds and thoughts with friends and other users. “Our players are absolutely extraordinary in their support and desire to do the right thing,” said Gregory Hansell, vice president of product development, ToonUps. “We’re excited that this month, our players can make real world dreams come true for special needs children by sharing their own hopes and dreams inside the game.” We all wish them the best of luck with everything they do.

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