StickWars 3 Announced for Release

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The third installment of StickWars, the awesome original castle defense game where you have to repel those annoying little stick people who are trying to break into your wall. StickWars is the number one rated castle defense series for iOS, having been downloaded over 10 million times.

StickWars 2 left off with players aiding King Otto in the defeat of the insidious King Maelnik. In this sequel you get the chance to play as the evil overlord Maelnik as he exacts his revenge on Otto. And hey, who doesn’t love playing an evil guy?

StickWars 3 will feature Maelnik’s undead army, improved strategic gameplay, the wheel of despair which can conjure treasures and power-ups, OpenFeint and Achievements, and improved graphics.

StickWars 3 will be available for iTouch, iPhone and iPad at the end of March, so make sure you train up your iOS controlling fingers before then! For more info on the game head on over to the Facebook page and like it HERE.

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