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Silent Hill Downpour hits stores today, kicking off a month of Silent Hill goodness

Konami has put all of their Silent Hill eggs in one basket and that basket is the month of March. They are releasing not one, not two but three Silent Hill titles back to back to back. They have kicked off this month of Silent Hill releases with today’s release of their brand new game Silent Hill Downpour.

Downpour follows the story of Murphy Pendleton who is a convicted felon who has been in jail for several years. Due to some problems he has had with his current prison he is being transferred to another prison, though there is a problem along the way. This problem places Pendleton in the middle of Silent Hill and his own personal hell. Those wanting even more Silent Hill can stay tuned next week for Silent Hill HD Collection’s release and the week after that for the Silent Hill Book of Memories release.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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