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New Gameplay Trailer for Trials Evolution

Cast your mind back a few years to 2009, to the era of Demon’s Souls, Arkham Asylum and Uncharted 2. Remember Trials HD? An XBLA exclusive title, the RedLynx developed game scored high with critics , bringing to the party a game full of exaggerated physics and plenty of motorbikes crashing. Three years down the line and RedLynx are back for more with Trials Evolution.

Still exclusive to the XBLA, Trials Evolution will hit on April 18 this year, coming complete with 60 solo tracks, four player online and local multiplayer,track editor and truckloads of customisation unlocks and options. Players won’t be limited to showing off their mad skills on motorbikes, and if you check out the gameplay trailer below you can see a few of the contraptions on offer – UFO anyone?

So if you’re up for a new bag of tricks next month, be sure to keep an eye on Trials Evolution – and if you check out the games Facebook page you could be in with a shot at getting hold of the title before anyone else.

Claire Phillips
Claire Phillips
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