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MW3 ‘Content Collection #1’ hitting Xbox Live March 20

Although the so-called “Elite” MW3 players on Xbox 360 have been gaming on new maps for weeks now, everyone else has had to suffer with the tired multiplayer maps that shipped with the game.

Those who decided not to buy into Call of Duty Elite will finally be getting their first taste of DLC on March 20.  The MW3 Content Collection #1 includes the Liberation, Piazza, Overwatch and Black Box maps. In addition,  Black Ice and Negotiator, which are Spec Ops missions, will be included.

Of course, Elite subscribers on Xbox Live will be able to play Black Box, Black Ice and Negotiator  first, on March 13.

The DLC has an unspecified launch date for those MW3 players that own other platforms.

PS3 Elite members also got their first drop of DLC a few days ago.