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League of Legends – Classic Skins Retiring

More classic skins will be receiving the boot as newer art will be developed for the affected champions. From now until March 12, this may be your last chance to pick up these classic skins of Emerald Taric, Unmasked Kayle, Nightmare Cho’Gath, and Butcher Urgot.

The best part about the retiring the skins is that you will be able to pick them up for 75% off! Oh, you don’t have the required champion? Don’t fret because Riot Games is also docking the price of the affected champions by 20%. Let’s look at the newly adjusted prices:

Champion SkinNormal PriceDiscount Price
Emerald Taric520 RP130 RP
Unmasked Kayle975 RP244 RP
Nightmare Cho’Gath520 RP130 RP
Butcher Urgot520 RP130 RP

ChampionNormal PriceDiscount Price
Taric585 RP468 RP
Kayle260 RP208 RP
Cho’Gath585 RP468 RP
Urgot975 RP780 RP

Don’t miss out on these incredible deals on these legacy skins. Remember March 12 is your deadline, so hop on your summoner and purchase the skins before they get locked away… forever!

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