Digimon Masters Carnival of Dreams


Today marks the launch of the official event Carnival of Dreams in the Digimon MMORPG, Digimon Masters.  The event will be taking place between now and the 20th of March, so make sure you jump online before the closing date to partake in the festivities!

The carnival will play host to many events, including magic acts that double earned experience points on weekdays. However, it seems that vile Digimon are teaming up to crash the carnival and players will need to defeat them to recover stolen jewellery.

The new event also marks a new server opening for players to play in, ‘Lilithmon’ and to celebrate this occasion, the developers have also included Lilithmon as a playable Ultimate within the game. Though Lilithmon isn’t the only new addition to the game, there are also a few new Mercenary Digieggs available for players to attain. From these eggs, players will receive: Deputymon, Kotemon[Musyamon] and Palmon[Woodmon], as well as for a limited time players will also receive an Amplification Booster bonus to the eggs.

And lastly, the most important thing (in my opinion) –

Log in each and every day for a special Carnival boost based on the amount of time played the previous day.  Stay connected to receive the Coveted Gift Boxes, which contain the rarest celebratory goodies.  Last but not least, dress for success with a free Rabbit Doll Costume!  Once you’re suited up, take a screen shot with your friends for a chance to win unique avatars that show off their true Digimon Spirit.  Entries can be posted on the official Digimon Masters forum until March 20th.

Be sure to check out the free-to-play game at it’s website.

Gaming for as long as my memory serves me, probably longer.

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